Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Random Stuff

Hey Ya'll! Oh my goodness...i have not posted in so long! I really don't have any excuses besides that i just didn't feel like blogging. bahaha :) Anyway, a few weeks ago me, my mom and sister drove to New Jersey to visit all of our family there.  It was really fun, and the week went by wayyyyyy too fast. There was one other reason we drove up there.....we surprised my older sister Emily with a bridal shower! :) It was so. much. fun!!  She didn't even know that we were driving up there, she just thought she was going up for her spring break.  Enjoy the pictures! :)

Emily being surprised :)

The lovely venue :)
The stuff to dip in the fondue
The yummy finger-food

On the way home from New Jersey, we stopped in Nashville and went to the Parthenon.

The goddess Athena. It was so huge!