Saturday, August 25, 2012

Church Retreat!

For the church retreat, we went to this gorgeous camp called "The Grove at Red oak Lake" and it was so pretty! That week we had been having weather in the high 90's and 100's, but the weekend of the retreat, it cooled down to around 85-90 degrees!  We were all so thankful! We got there around 10:00 am and that was just when the devotion was starting.  (The youth went to a different workshop than all the adult did.)  Our speaker was really good and we had it on the pavilion.

During the devotion

After the devotion/workshop we headed to the dining hall for lunch, (which for a camp was pretty tasty :-) Then once we ate lunch we had 3 hours of "free time" to spend.  We first went down to the lake and let Dante go swimming, in which he got a lot of "crazies" out! haha.  There was a enormous water slide, a lake to go canoeing on, a swimming pool, and lots of trails to walk on.

The cabins.

The water slides.

 We just walked around and explored the campsite a little bit, and before too long, it was already time to walk back to our second workshop.  Again, we headed to the pavilion, and after that to dinner, which was really yummy!  After dinner we went to the auditorium for our third workshop, which was combined, and we had a worship service too. We had the privilege of hearing Dr. Seal preach as our guest speaker, and his son taught the youth workshops.

The auditorium.

Dr. Seal preaching.
The praise team!
The last and final day (Sunday) we just had morning service, which was our fourth and last workshop, and it was so good!  Afterwards, we got a group shot of (most) everyone in their tee-shirts!

They even gave Dante a shirt :-)
It was such a fun retreat with church friends!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Photo Editing Apps!

My Aunt Kathleen came to visit us back in June, and she loves photography just as much, if not more than I do, so while she was here she showed me some great photo editing apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad ect.  and it is so much fun to edit them!  she showed me a couple and each apps can do different things, so I just fix it on one app, and run it through another app! lol! Anyways, the pictures below are all ones that I edited using that app!

The names of the apps I used are called:
-Perfectly Clear

Out of all the apps, I think the Photoforge2 app is my favorite and the one I use most!

Pretty Sunflowers

Mom and Dante


Me, Hannah, Mollie and Emily

Mollie and Mom

Monday, August 13, 2012

Together At Last!

This past week, my two sisters, Mollie and Emily, and Emily's fiance all came to visit us for a few days!  It was so much, but the days flew by so fast!  One day we went to the Pink Palace Museum and we saw the dinosaur exhibit and to the planetarium which was really awesome!


Then they went to the town square and looked around...

At the train station

At the boot barn

Sitting on the train...
Then they went to the Memphis Zoo...

It was such a fun day and such a fun trip!