Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Winter Ice

Hey there!! How are ya'll doing this week? A few weeks ago, we had a mini ice storm, and when the front steps melted enough for me to walk on them, i went out and took some lovely (or what i think are lovely, haha) photos :) It was enough ice to cancel class, (I take one class at a co-op) but not quite enough to have some fun in it :( It was more like a slippery ice, then actual snow.  ENJOY!

Sorry all of the pics are icicles, but that's all there really was. haha :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Birthday Weekend Stuff

Hello friends! (again) has been soooooooo long since I last posted. However, I knew when this weekend was approaching, that I would have much to blog about. 

Well, first of all.  We kicked off the weekend by staying up Friday night, to watch the Psych Slumber Party, and that was sooooooooooooooo much fun! Although, I did fall asleep about two hours into it...(haha) was still awesome!!

On Saturday, we slept in a little, and then in the afternoon we went bowling...yes...i bowled a score of 23 :( hahah!

On Saturday night, we were supposed to have a surprise birthday party for my sister Hannah, but the cat got out of the bag a little early.  Even know she knew about the party, she didn't know who was coming, or what games we were playing :) We had a BLAST!! For the games, we played our own version of minute to win it, and it was hilarious! :)

There were a few SO  many pictures from her party, so i'm only gonna post some of them. Like i said above, we played 'minute to win it' games.  We drew out a score board on our wipe-away board and everyone was assigned a colored team. The games were soooooooooo funny to watch (and play)!!!
Enjoy the pics!! :)

The food table

Let the games begin!

The talented throwers

Trying to dodge the ping pong balls
The point of this ^^^ game was to pull strings over your ears, which would raise a 'candy elevator' and you had to bring the candy up to your mouth    

It was quite entertaining...ahah :)

Well, that was our awesomely fun, but busy birthday weekend!!

P.S. - If you want to see the exact way to play each game go to

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Random Stuff

Hello friends! Sorry not posting for so long again. Things have been busy.  We haven't done much this week, but two weeks ago, I went to a weekend piano camp type of thing and it was at a college.  I had a few classes on music theory, and rhythm and stuff, and I had one lesson with one of the professors at the college, then at then end there was a little recital. 

Two weeks ago my mom ordered me a new devotion, and so far I love it! It's called How to Study You Bible by Kay Arthur. It comes with a workbook with questions and other stuff, that go along with the regular devotion book. 

I'm also gonna give a little fashion tip today.  I've created an outfit, that you can dress it up, or keep it casual, by just adding or taking away a few little accessories :) (The purse in the picture is actually the same purse I have, and I love it!!

One last thing I wanted to post, was a pic of my mom's valentines day wreath she made! I think it is just adorable!

Sorry it's a little bit short, but that's it for now!