Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I Love Fall

Happy fall ya'll!!! As we were returning from a trip, we drove through the mountains and the temperature dropped as we got higher (52 degrees) and when we stopped and got out of the car, it made me realize how much i missed fall!! I am kinda obsessed with boots and pea coats...(some of you have probably realized that already ;)...So i tried really hard to make a fall outfit without boots, but as you will see, i needed my boots.  Where i live its still pretty warm, but has gotten much cooler. (70-75 degrees)  I am hoping that it will cool down, and that our winter will break 40 degrees. Anyway, I designed a cute fall fashion aaaaannnnnndddddd, click HERE to try a wonderfully delicious recipe for pumpkin squares. I always think that their sort of like the fall version of brownies. haha!

The earrings are little fall leaves, and the sweater i thought was the perfect shade of orange :)