Saturday, February 25, 2012


We had such a beautiful day yesterday, so I decided to go outside and take some more pictures....

The Morning Dew

The Sun is up
The Sunset

More flowers

Monday, February 20, 2012

Make-a-Friend Craft

Last week, I made a craft with my Mom! I got the craft a few months back, but decided to wait and save it to make!

The kit I used
When I opened the kit, I was a bit surprised! I thought that it was already made and I would just have to sew it together, little did I know that I was not going to get off the hook that easy! haha! I really had to use a rotary cutter and sew my own patchwork quilt together first, and then stuff it! it was hard, but it was a good learning experience!  It took me about three days to make it (with help) but it was worth it! I loved the way it came out!

Meet my new friend Patches!!!

My First Blog Post - Flower Photography!

Yes, I joined the world of blogging, and this is my first post - yeah! Yesterday I went outside and took some pretty pictures of the landscaping around our house...

Pretty flower!

More Flowers...