Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Spring :)

Hello lovelies! I've so missed blogging this month! Now that it is Spring (I know it's late) I've really wanted to do some more DIYs and organization as spring cleaning starts and whatnot.  However, I'll be taking my finals this week, and so as soon as they're over with, I'll have plenty of time to start trying out all of the ideas i've found.

I thought for today, I would go ahead and share a few different fashion ideas I found on Pinterest and really liked for the spring time :)

I really love the use of the denim jacket in this one, and the pop of color in the red jeans!

This maxi skirt is so beautiful, and would go with so much!!

Mint green is one of my favorite colors, not just for spring, but all the time.  This outfit is really simple, but it looks so classy.

Hope this has given you some inspiration for different looks you can create for spring!

xoxo, Rebecca

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  1. Cool outfit inspiration!


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